Very good copy, at very fair prices, for very small businesses

...and every word crafted to get more clients and referrals for your service-based business

Copy That Helps You Get More Clients

If you are a small service provider who wants more clients and referrals, I can help you get them – at a more affordable price than you might believe possible.

Together, we can upgrade your website copy to get more visitors scheduling appointments. We can set up regular newsletters to get existing clients booking more and referring more. We can create online content that builds trust and strengthens loyalty.

Small service providers deserve to thrive and grow. I can help you do that.

Whether you’re a wellness provider, coach, consultant or physical service provider, the essentials of expanding your client base are the same: the right words, in the right places, at the right time, to get more people saying “yes” to booking with you.



Done-for-you newsletter content that keeps existing clients warm and encourages them to return soon - and refer new clients.

Copy Upgrades

Upgraded copy and key “client hook” pages that lead new visitors to explore your offerings and book with you today.

Done-For-You Content
& Content Plans

Detailed plans for articles or blog posts that will turn visitors into first-time clients (and, I can also write the content for you).

My "No AI" Promise

After more than 15 years of writing copy professionally, I can tell you with confidence that effective copy, communication and conversion relies on speaking to what your target market truly needs to hear. AI can’t know that. It can’t care – and that’s why it will always fail to connect with why they should choose you.

When we work together, you have my easily-given promise that every word will be written by me. I’ll happily ask AI for new ideas on how to spice up my meal plans – or even ask it to explain an industry term while I do research for your market – but when it comes to your copy, that’s hands-off.

All At A Price Lower Than You’d Expect

My mission is to help small service providers build (or rebuild) their client base in the midst of an uncertain economy and a post-pandemic world.

Individual service providers do worthy work, but often have less money to invest in website upgrades and client acquisition strategies – the very things that would help them grow and thrive.

That’s why I offer these services at a fraction of the rate I charge for my direct response copywriting clients, who have larger businesses with higher margins. This is my way of contributing to a better economic future for those service providers who bring so much into the world.

Additionally, I enjoy this work immensely. And  my affordable rates – combined with dependable service – make what I do easy for my clients to refer, so I don’t have to spend time marketing. Instead, I can have more time doing work I enjoy. 🙂

How To Begin Working Together

First, learn more about what I can do for you in more detail.

Then get in touch with any questions about what would be best for your business right now, or if you would like to get started with a specific service.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for the work you do. It matters.

All my best,