Hello. You’ve reached Dave Navarro.

I am (primarily) a copywriter for large-scale online marketing projects, specializing in copy for sales pages, email broadcasts, and print/online advertising.

I also consult on launch strategy and product/brand repositioning for clients when needed.

Working With Me

In general, I take new clients on a referral-only basis from existing clients, with occasional exceptions based on the uniqueness/challenge of the project.

For online marketing projects, a minimum reach of 35,000 list subscribers is required for consideration.

As I only take on new projects for a few months out of the year, the earlier you get in touch, the better your chances of matching up with my availability.

Project Fees

All project fees involve an up-front signing payment as well as a royalty agreement for sales of the product for which copy/advertising campaigns are developed.

(Please do not get in touch for royalty-only arrangements, as I do not take on that type of project.)


To get in contact, email support@davenavarro.com to get in touch with my assistant, Jason, who will forward your information to me.

If you are a referral from an existing client, please make a mention of that so your email gets priority.

If you are not a referral, please include your project details, timelines and budget range so Jason can determine if we might be a good fit.