Website Copy

When potential clients visit your website, they’re looking for key information – and a general impression of the quality of your business – to help them decide if your service business is worth “giving a try”.

Their first impression of your website is critical. They need to find the information they need quickly and easily, and they need to feel that they are going to be in good hands with you.

The truth? They usually make their decisions about that within 60-90 seconds of landing on your site.

Your copy either draws them in and makes them want to learn more about what you offer – and whether you’re a good fit for them – or they give up.

They may look at a competitor’s website instead, or decide to “search for someone else later”, but they’re not calling you.

If your copy isn’t drawing them in, making them feel welcome, and giving them the  information they need, then it’s time for an upgrade.

I can help with that – in two ways.

1. The “Critical Copy” Upgrade

The “Critical Copy” Upgrade takes care of the 4 most important pages of your website:

  • Your Home Page
  • Your “About” Page
  • Your Main Services Page
  • Your Contact / Booking Page

Each page has its own unique needs: 

Your home page needs to be welcoming, informative, concise, and connect with your target market. It also needs to give easy access to the pages that have the information potential clients want.

Your “about” page needs to create a personal connection with your target market and give your business personality and humanity. This makes you feel like “their kind of service provider”.

Your main services page needs to concisely communicate the benefits of each of your services, encourage visitors to book or learn more, and make them feel comfortable (and motivated) to do so.

Your contact / booking page needs to be welcoming, inviting, and take a certain kind of leadership in its wording to encourage people to take action rather than delay.

Many service businesses struggle because they only put “information” on these pages – they don’t consider the emotional and logistical needs of the buying experience.

So visitors come but don’t feel that “click” of relevance. Or what they’re looking for is hard to find or hard to understand. They don’t dig into your website and think – they just go off looking for someone else.

The “Critical Copy” Upgrade takes care of all that, so your visitors will be more likely to get in touch and book with you, rather than someone else.

All at a very fair price.

  • Pricing for the “Critical Copy” Upgrade: $600

To request a “Critical Copy” Upgrade for your business, or to ask any questions, click the button below.

2. The “Supporting Pages” Upgrades

There are other pages that increase the likelihood of visitors converting to paying clients, and the more you have of them, the more your odds increase. 

Each of the pages listed below encourage visitors to spend more time on your website, help them feel taken care of, and deepen their sense of comfort and connection – ultimately, leading them to want to contact you or work with you.

These pages include:

  • Testimonials page – features satisfied clients and builds trust
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page – answers pre-booking questions and demonstrates quality care from your business
  • Team Pages – individual pages that make your team members “real” and human, increasing emotional connection
  • “New Client” Page – welcomes them warmly, describes the experience of beginning to work with you, including details on what they’ll need to do (fill out forms, understand cancellation / reschedule policies, etc)
  • Newsletter signup page – describes the benefits of signing up to your mailing list, describes what they’ll receive, and optionally includes client testimonials
  • Resources page – Links to resources and key content on your site to educate, inform and enrich your client’s work with you
  • Client “success stories” page(s) – featuring one or more clients and the results they experienced working with you
  • Glossary of terms page – explains industry-specific terms & jargon and makes it easy for potential clients to understand what they mean
  • Charitable / social initiatives page – describes the ways that your business gives back and contributes to a cause 
  • “Personal message” page – a personal letter from the owner inviting a visitor to become a client, or welcoming a new client to the “family”

Each of these pages helps your service business stand out from competitors and helps create a better experience for visitors who have not seen these things when working with other service providers. 

Add one page – or several – and your odds of converting visitors new clients go up.

  • Pricing: Generally $100 per page, may vary slightly depending on length. You choose how many pages you’d like.

To request a “Supporting Pages” Upgrade for your business, or to ask any questions, click the button below.