Regular newsletters are a powerful way to remind your current client base of what you can do for them.

When you stay top-of-mind with useful content and references to your services, your satisfied clients, and special offers, repeat bookings go up – and referrals go up, too.

Most service-based businesses benefit from newsletters that go out once a month or twice a month, depending on your industry.

I can write newsletters for you that your clients will enjoy opening, reading, and even sharing with others who can benefit from what you offer.

Newsletters help increase repeat bookings and referrals

To maximize repeat bookings and referrals, it’s important to create newsletters that spark enough curiosity to open, contain consistently interesting content, and use effective copy.

(This is how we encourage clients to read what’s inside, take action and book with you, and share what you do with others.)

I’ve created and fine-tuned effective newsletter layouts that include effective calls to action to boost the odds that service appointments get booked.

Most newsletters for a service-based business should include core elements like a friendly introduction, special offers, featured services, upcoming events and client testimonials. That’s the same across the board.

Outside of that, there are 2 variations on the basics:

  • Short-form content – a small mini-article within the newsletter that gives the client something useful or inspiring, generally around the 300-400 word mark.
    (Samples here)
  • Existing Content – links and “teaser text” to one or more content pieces on your website – either recent or timely.
    (Samples here)

One is not better than the other – they’re simply different approaches. The latter is often preferred by people who publish content frequently or have an existing body of articles to choose from.

How Done-For-You Newsletters Work

When I create newsletters for you, we’ll use the following process:

First, I’ll work with you to decide on a format and layout for what’s included in each newsletter, and what schedule you want to publish by. (We’ll also work out getting any client testimonials to me, and learning about any discounts or specials you offer.)

Then, I’ll create your newsletters and deliver them to you at least 1-2 weeks ahead of their scheduled publishing date. This will give you time to set it up in your mailing list system and also to request any edits or adjustments to the content.

As we move forward, I’ll follow-up at agreed upon times to get any needed information on upcoming events, special offers, or new content to include in the next newsletter.

Prices & Packages

Short-form content (original mini-article inside)
  • 1 newsletter per month – $125 monthly
  • 2 newsletters per month – $250 monthly


Existing content (links to existing articles/posts)
  • 1 newsletter per month – $100 monthly
  • 2 newsletters per month – $200 monthly

To request a done-for-you newsletter for your business, or to ask any questions, click the button below.