Done-For-You Content & Content Plans

Content is one of the most effective ways to turn visitors into clients – it keeps them on your website, creates a sense of connection with you and your business, and builds trust in both your expertise and your process.

Once a potential client feels that you’ve taught them something, helped them understand the kind of work you do, or answered the questions that are on their mind, they are far more likely to choose you as their service provider, coach or consultant.

Many service providers don’t have the time or the inclination to devote to content – after all, they’re busy doing what they do best.

So I offer two services that can help you get this client-creating content up on your website.

1. Personalized Content Planning

If you have (or want to have) regularly published content on your website, it can be difficult to decide what to write about – or what topics will be best to capture the attention of new clients. 

How do you know what they’ll be interested in? How do you know what will make them stay and explore your website? How do you know what will lead them to book with you?

Over the years, I’ve developed a process for creating 10 categories of content that are most likely to draw new clients in and create a bond of loyalty and trust with your business.

While all 10 are not mandatory to have in your website’s body of content, the more categories you cover, the more interest you can create for your services. 

All content plans are personalized to your business – I will send you a questionnaire before writing it to learn more about your business, your mission/philosophies, your services and the particular clients you serve. 

Each plan will be custom-built around the brand you want to project and what will appeal to your target clients.

Your personalized content plan will include:

  • Content that covers all 10 categories of client-attracting topics
  • Prompts on what to include in each piece of content
  • Attention-capturing titles for each piece of content
  • Notes on which pieces of content can link to others to keep visitors on your website
  • Suggested order for creating and publishing

Additionally, I guarantee 100% applicability – if any topics in your plan don’t fit in with the specifics of what you do due to a unique factor of your business, I’ll replace those topics free of charge.

Prices & Packages

Content Plan Pricing

  • 26-topic plan ($175) – ideal for publishing once every two weeks
  • 52-topic plan ($250) – ideal for publishing every week
  • 104-topic plan ($400) – ideal for publishing twice per week

With your personalized content plan in hand, you will be able to confidently know what content to create and in which order to create it. 

To request a Personalized Content Plan for your business, or to ask any questions, click the button below.

2. Done-For-You Content Writing

Not everybody has the time or energy to create client-attracting content – and many service providers don’t find writing an easy task to begin with. That’s where done-for-you content writing comes in.

I specialize in writing “publish-ready” content – which means that whatever I write, it will be impeccably proofread for grammar and spelling, checked for technical accuracy, and “tone-neutral” enough to be suitable for any website.

This means that in 95% of cases, you can literally take what I write, no editing necessary, and publish it right away. (In the other 5% of cases, there’s some small technical aspect related to recent developments in your industry that you may need to tell me to adjust.)

Each piece of content includes two “simple revisions” – if you need me to make basic customizations or edits to your content, I have a simple process to get that done quickly.

How “Done-For-You” Content Works

First, we’ll identify topics that will be appropriate for your service offerings. If you already have some in mind, I’ll work with those. If you’re not sure, I’ll send you a selection of ideas to choose from. (If you already have a personalized content plan, we can go directly from there.)

Once your topics are confirmed, I will write a “publish-ready” piece of content at the agreed upon length (details below) and submit it to you for sign-off.

If you have any revisions or edits that need to be made, we’ll use my simple revision process to get them taken care of.

Each piece of content will include:

  • An attention-capturing title
  • Suggestions for images to go with the content
  • Links to your services if applicable
  • Links to existing content on your site if applicable
  • A “call to action” at the end inviting visitors to get in touch
  • Advice on how to personalize content with stories or references to your background and experience

Prices & Packages

(10% discount if you already have a Personalized Content Plan from me)

Short-form content – 700-1000 words

  • Bundle of 4 – $400
  • Bundle of 10 – $800

Longer-form content – 1500-2000 words

  • Bundle of 4 – $800
  • Bundle of 10 – $1600

To request a “Done-For-You” Content Package for your business, or to ask any questions, click the button below.