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Give Your Back A Tune-Up This Fall!

As the fall season moves into full swing, your spine has been doing a lot for you – much more than you might realize!

Of course, a healthy spine helps you move freely through your day, but did you know there are other benefits to getting regular chiropractic adjustments? Ones that can keep you feeling better through the rest of the year?

Here are a few ways a fall chiropractic tune-up can help you:

  • Immune System Support – Flu season is on its way, and your immune system depends on a well-adjusted spine to regulate your nervous system. Proper spine realignment can help keep your immune function in top shape.
  • Stress Reduction – Chiropractic adjustments promote the release of endorphins, nature’s most potent pain reliever. And correcting minor imbalances in the spine can help you stay more relaxed during a season full of demands like the start of the school year or holiday prepping.
  • Maintaining Mobility and Flexibility – Whether it’s raking leaves, grocery shopping or getting your winter clothes out of the attic, you depend on your ability to move, twist and bend so much this season. Adjustments today can help keep you loose and reduce the chances of tweaking your back over the next few months.
  • Catching Pain Early – Sometimes those tiny but persistent aches and pains are the beginnings of spinal compression issues, which can pinch nerves and, ultimately, cause damage to critical muscles and joints. When you come in for an adjustment, you can catch these earlier and prevent bigger problems (and more pain) down the road.
  • Preventing Cold-Weather Stiffness – Do you suffer from stiffness or arthritis as the weather gets colder? An adjustment can reduce the effects of cold temperatures on your joints and muscles by reducing inflammation and promoting better circulation throughout your entire body.

There are so many other benefits to regular chiropractic adjustments too – they can help reduce inflammation in joints, manage persistent allergies, and even contribute to better overall moods (so important as the holidays approach!).

Dr. Parani and the staff of NaturePath Chiropractic are here to help you maintain your spinal health so that the rest of your year goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Call our office today at 555-555-5555 or visit our website here to set up an appointment for your next adjustment. It’s time for a tune-up this fall!

Fall Special – Save 15% On Your Next Adjustment

Get your Fall Tune-Up with a special discount if you make your next during the month of September. Set up your appointment now, and when you come in, Kathy will apply your 15% discount before you leave.

Did You Know? We also do wellness plans!

Dr. Parani can help you improve your quality of life moving forward with a custom wellness plan that covers preventative care, functional movement assessments, exercise and stretching, nutritional counseling and more! Call us today to find out more.

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Until we see you again, be well!

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