Dave Navarro

I’ve been writing copy for small businesses for over 15 years, and it’s never lost its appeal.

I always enjoy getting to know the people involved – the owners, their mission, and the clients they serve.

(I also write for larger, less “personal” businesses, but I’ve never lost my first love. There’s nothing like finding the right words to truly capture what a small service provider does for their clients.)

Over the course of my career, I’ve also started and grown an online training company specializing in getting clients and customers for solopreneurs, and consulted and partnered with similar businesses to expand their offerings.

I’ve also written extensively for other content-driven websites, both under my own name and as a ghostwriter.

I’ve always had a particular interest in helping solopreneurs and small businesses that specialize in health, wellness, psychology, therapy, and personal growth.

These businesses can truly transform the lives of their clients – healing their injuries, easing their pains, and unlocking unbelievable changes in their quality of life.

In my eyes, they deserve the best copy and content possible to spread their message and impact real people with real problems that need solving.

If you’re one of those small businesses or solopreneurs, I invite you to explore how I can help you grow your client base through copy, newsletters and content.

All my best,